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Disclaimer: This information is subject to change. In case of any discrepancy between this information and the HOA documents, including the Covenants and Regulations, the documents will prevail.


How can I contact the HOA Board?

The best way to contact Board members is by emailing

Where can I find the declaration of covenants, regulations, by-laws, and applications for architectural review?


All of the above documents are available for download in the Documents section of our website.

What is the annual HOA assessment and when is assessment payment due?


The HOA management company will contact homeowners annually for collection of assessments. The Association’s fiscal year (FY) runs from January 1st to December 31st, and annual assessments are typically due at the beginning of the assessment. For FY 2022 and beyond, the due date will be February 1st, 2022. The 2022 annual assessment is $450 per lot.


The 2023 annual assessment will be $475 per lot. Invoices have not be sent yet.


Homeowners may pay dues:

By Mail:

Please write a check payable to "Fenwick Woods HOA", and ensure that your current HOA home address is noted either on the check or in an attached letter. Checks may be mailed to:

Fenwick Woods HOA

IMC Charleston Processing Center

PO Box 96956

Las Vegas, NV 89193-6956​

Online Payments:

Homeowners can visit IMC Charleston's payment page to pay HOA dues online. Please note there may be additional banking fees for credit card or e-check payments. 

For any assistance please contact IMC's Accounting Department.

Who is the management company for the neighborhood and what is their contact info?


IMC Charleston is the current management company for the Fenwick Woods HOA. Our Property Manager is Tyler Hamborksy. His contact information is as follows:




Address:          IMC Charleston

                         1 Carriage Lane, Suite C100

                         Charleston, SC 29407


Phone:              843-297-8590 x 121



Who do I contact with concerns about the common areas, including ponds and mailboxes?


Concerns can be reported to members of the HOA board,  but it is important to have a record of reported concerns. Please also report your concern to the management company, who will record the concern and notify Board Members. The best way to contact the HOA board via email at


What are some examples of improvements that require submission of an Architectural Review Application?


The Declaration for the community requires that you obtain HOA approval for the construction or placement of any “Structure” or for the modification of any existing Structure on you lot. The term “Structure” is defined in more detail in the Declaration, but some examples includes your home or any sheds, driveways, fencing, statuary, pools, spas/hot-tubs,  and any major landscape on your lot. Examples of some modifications include painting home exteriors/doors. Approval must be granted in writing prior to the commencement of the modification, construction, or the delivery of materials for any Structure to be constructed (or if construction is not necessary, to the delivery of the Structure) to the lot.

To seek approval for your construction, structure, or modification, please complete and submit an Architectural Review Application.


Both the Application and directions for completing the Application are provided on our Documents page.


What if I have already made an improvement without approval of an Architectural Review Application?


You should complete and submit an Architectural Review Application and note on the application that the improvement, construction, or structure is already in place. The HOA board can consider retroactive approval.


What areas in the neighborhood are part of the HOA landscaping contract?


The HOA contracts companies to maintain the common areas, including the access easements to the ponds, the land past homeowner property lines around the ponds, and the common area around the mailboxes kiosk.


Homeowners are responsible for the care of the landscape within their property lines, including grass and trees located between the sidewalk and the street curb as well as the grass next to fences for homeowners with pond lots.

What is considered a violation?


Broadly speaking, a violation may occur when a homeowner is not adhering to the policies detailed in the HOA governing documents such as the Declaration of Covenants, Regulations, or Architectural Review Guidelines.

Who do I contact to report a violation?


Violations are reported to the IMC Charleston Property Manager by emailing a description of the suspected violation, including the  homeowner's address, name of the community (i.e., Fenwick Woods) and, if possible, a photograph of the suspected violation. The HOA board is not provided personal information about the individual who reports a violation. Thus, reported violations are anonymous

I received a violation, but I disagree. What are my options?

Homeowners are afforded one (1) appeal to a violation that must be submitted in writing within seven (7) calendar days from the date on the violation notice. Send an email to stating your case. The HOA Board of Directors will review your appeal in order to make a decision that is final; this final decision cannot be appealed.

How do I request photo proof of a violation?

The HOA Board of Directors purposely does not share photographic proof of violations unless ordered to by a court of competent jurisdiction. This is done for the purpose of ensuring an anonymous violation reporting process.


I received a violation and see other homeowners in the community doing the same thing, why didn't they receive a violation?


The violations department of the management company and the HOA Board of Directors can only respond to violations that are reported. The other homeowners may have also received violations notices; the HOA Board does not disclose to unrelated parties who receives violations. If you see a homeowner in violation of the governing documents, you may submit a violation report to

How are homeowners contacted by the HOA?

Official communication from the HOA is delivered through the management company to homeowners via mail. 


Informal news and updates will be periodically provided on this website, which is maintained by the HOA board. 

The HOA is not the administrator for any social media sites,  such as Facebook or Google Groups, and thus does not have control of content on these services.

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