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Crime Alert

Fenwick Woods Neighbors

You may, or may not, be aware that last week a small team of thieves targeted our neighborhood overnight, stealing 2 cars, rummaging thru other automobiles, and taking anything of value. There have been multiple police reports filed and videos from home security feeds have been shared with investigating officers.

There are currently several threads on the Fenwick Woods Facebook page with ideas being shared amongst neighbors about crime prevention, neighborhood and home safety. The board has posted multiple law enforcement checklists, suggestions and posters from several jurisdictions and agencies on our website as references. While this crime event has certainly disturbed our peace of mind, whether we lost valuables or not, it has been encouraging to see so many neighbors reaching out, not just with ideas, but help for those who did lose items, as well as offers of technical assistance.

Please review the available materials under our "Documents Page" and help increase neighborhood safety. Thank you.

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