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February 2020 Update!

The HOA had it's annual meeting the first week of January at the Johns Island Public Library. After a brief year in review recap and treasury report, nominations and elections were held for the seats previously occupied by Sherril Reid and David Rawnsley. Both Sherril Reid and Justin Follmer self-nominated for election to the board, and following a vote of the ~ 30 present homeowners and homeowners represented by proxy, were elected. Following our initial election of the HOA board in 2019, all newly elected Board members will serve 3 year terms (see our bylaws under our Documents section for full details).

Following the HOA Board election, the Board voted to have Sherril Reid as President, Aubrey Richardson as Vice President, Steve Short as Treasurer, Justin Follmer as Secretary and Ken Kitchen as the at-large member. The Board held it's first meeting in February to begin plans for the new year and current project updates were discussed.

First, the Board continues to prepare for it's transition from MJS to Cedar Management Company effective April 1, 2020. Homeowners will be provided more information regarding this transition as we approach April. Please note all 2020 assessments (i.e., dues) and violation fees should still be paid to MJS until we transition on April 1.

Second, we continue to work with our current management company MJS, Berkeley Electrical, the City of Charleston, and our electrical contractor to finish the work on the power banks installed at three of our ponds. The delay has mostly been related to permitting, and in short, has been an incredibly tedious process, but the Board remains diligent in our efforts to see it completed. Electrical meters will hopefully be installed soon, so that we can then have the installation of aerators for the ponds completed. These aerators will create enough water flow/movement to regularly cycle all the water in the pond, which in turn should reduce algae growth and insect breeding.

Over this Winter the landscaping around our ponds was thoroughly cleaned, with all sweet grasses trimmed back for new growth and weeds removed. The installation of 12 trees occurred in the last section of Phase 3 on Fishbone Dr. New pinestraw is planned to be added to all common ground beds in March and all common ground shrubs and trees have been trimmed.

In addition, we began a new pond maintenance contract this February and will be seeing twice monthly pond maintenance visits from March to November. These visits will include water testing and treatment, and cleaning of any trash and debris in and around the ponds.

Further, the Fenwick Woods entrance sign that was damaged during the unfortunate and tragic automobile accident near Brownswood Rd and Killfish Dr. last fall was recently replaced.

Once Annual dues are collected (due March 1st, 2020), budgets are evaluated, and the community transitions to the new management company, the HOA Board hopes to begin contacting homeowners for feedback regarding new improvement project ideas.

As always, please feel free to contact us with and questions, suggestions, or concerns via our email!

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