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June Update

Hello Neighbors,

At our June meeting, the board continued to make progress on several projects and we’d like to provide some brief updates and answers to recent questions we’ve received.

First, the board is pleased to announce that after reviewing the 4 bids we received to pave a 12 foot wide concrete driveway for the mailbox kiosk driveway, we have selected a contractor and approved the construction project. The 12 foot width of the driveway keeps us from disturbing the roots of the nearby great oak tree and made the cost of construction manageable. In the future the neighborhood could look at a permeable paver system on the remaining area if desired and costs allow. Our management company is working on issuing the contract and construction should begin shortly. The driveway will need to be closed for 3 to 4 days to allow for forming, paving and curing of the concrete. We will let you know as soon as possible when the construction will occur.

We are also installing two solar lights since there is no electricity we can tap into at that location. We hope these additions will help illuminate the area for those who may be stopping by in the darker hours.

Second, after an unexpectedly long bidding process, we have received 5 bids from companies interested in taking on our landscape maintenance. We have narrowed these bids to a final few and will award the contract as soon as their references are completed.

Third, a contractor for the installation of electrical boxes at the ponds has also been chosen and the approved work will also begin soon. The board is currently accepting and reviewing bids for a separate contractor to install a combination of aerators and/or fountains to help improve our pond health. Depending on the final projected costs, we may need to complete the installations in stages to manage costs. Please continue to help us maintain quality of the ponds by practicing catch and release of any fish from the ponds, and please do not throw any yard waste in the ponds. Also if your dogs defecate in the common ground area between your back yard and the pond, or on a walk, you are still responsible to remove their waste. This not only creates an ugly, messy situation for those neighbors who walk the ponds, but pet waste ends up in the ponds and lowers the water quality.

Forth, we’d like to follow-up on a common question about why trees were not installed between the sidewalks and the curb of the street for the last section of Phase 3 homes down Fishbone. In short, we’ve learned Mungo was not required to add those trees because the originally approved plat maps had the homes located on Fishbone Dr facing out to the state road Southwick Dr. Fishbone Dr was originally planned to be narrower and termed an alley. Even though the plans eventually altered, with a two-lane wide Fishbone Dr. and homes facing it, no change was apparently needed in the completed permitting process so Mungo was not held responsible for tree installation along this section. Thus, we are currently receiving bids from vendors to complete the installation of trees between the sidewalk and street curb on Fishbone Dr so thai our neighborhood has a consistent tree canopy. The board will review these bids and discuss approval of the project at a future meeting.

While discussing trees we’d also like to add a friendly reminder that homeowners are responsible for the care and maintenance for trees installed between the sidewalk and the curb outside their homes. During these hot summer months the trees will have a better chance of surviving and growing a beautiful canopy if homeowners maintain an edged bed of mulch or pine straw around the trees, remove lower “tree sucker” growth, prune dead branches, and provide some regular watering the first few years until the trees are well established. Early leaf-drop, yellowing leaves, a thin canopy, and abundant tree suckers may all be signs of a drought-stressed tree.

Fifth, there has also been much debate about the number of boats showing up on streets and driveways. Per our governing covenants, there have been a number of violations issued for improper boat storage and parking. Although we appreciate the desire to have a boat, in an area where water is an attraction, we must also take into consideration the desire of our neighbors who do not wish to see boats and trailers as a prominent part of their landscape and recognize they chose to live in a governed neighborhood that forbade boat parking. Boat parking has also led to more cars parked on the road and resulting traffic concerns. The cost of storage must be taken into account by the owner when purchasing a boat. However, in an effort to find a reasonable compromise the board has voted to allow boats, boat trailers, jet skis, or personal watercraft to be stored in fenced-in rear yards.

Finally, please continue to submit an Architectural Review Application when planning to make changes to your home or landscape. The Board is more open to some of the items Mungo’s board previously would deny, but there are still guidelines that need to be followed. For example, a roofed patio structure needs to be properly secured into the ground so it doesn’t blow into a neighbor’s yard during a possible storm, front doors can be painted if and after the color is approved, and fences must follow style, height and spacing guidelines.

Thank you all for being such a wonderful group of neighbors.

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