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Spring Update!

Hello Friends and neighbors!

I want to start out by thanking all of the folks who have reached out to others in this stressful time. The offers to pick up groceries for neighbors, lists of places offering drive-up and delivery services, offers to help answer home school questions, suggestions of fun things to do at home, and ideas for the kiddos, and adults, to do that keep them engaged and still at a distance are all heartwarming and support what I’ve always said, this neighborhood rocks! I’m also happy to see so many folks out walking dogs and kids keeping a safe distance from others. I enjoyed a nice, slightly louder than usual, conversation with 3 neighbors as point of an 8 foot triangle. Keep it up neighbors; we are all in this together.

After a long road trying to coordinate with the city of Charleston, MJS, and Berkeley Electric we finally have working aerators in 3 ponds! You will see a few circles formed by the aeration that then ripple out thru the ponds keeping surface water moving, which will be helpful during mosquito season and help limit future algae growth. The cleanup of the landscaping around the ponds should help and the new water management company, Solitude, has begun treating the water twice monthly. There is still work to be done and we hope to see continuing good results as we proceed.

In conjunction with those meters and pumps we would like to landscape around them to help conceal the equipment. The first step in that process will thankfully be free, thanks to KG Harvey who is donating splits from her home’s sweet grass for us to transplant. She has dug up quite a bit and now I’m looking for a few neighbors who would like to volunteer to dig a couple of holes and drop the sweet grass into predetermined locations, at differing times and a good social distance from one another. I hope to have stakes and/or pots out by late tomorrow as guidance and would like to see the plants in by Sunday evening since we have rain coming next week, which would give them a good start. All it takes is a shovel and a willing back! Kristy has enough that we may be able to scatter some along ponds that were left bare by Mungo, which decreases soil runoff into those ponds. Please leave a contact message below, send an email to the board’s address or to me, and I’ll get back to you.  In advance, thank you all for your help.

Everyone should have received a letter from Cedar Management about the transition from MJS.  So far the transition has gone smoothly and we’re looking forward to an improved management team/neighborhood relationship.  This has not changed any of the neighborhood’s policies or dues.  Please read the section on payment of annual dues carefully, as timing is important.

After our transition to Cedar on April 1, we will carefully evaluate our budget and see where we stand on collection of annual assessments. If we have a surplus, we hope to contact everyone with a brief survey for community input on how the surplus could be used to best benefit our neighborhood.  In the meantime, you are  always welcome to contact us thru the Board’s email,  if you have any suggestions or concerns.

There has been some mail recently asking the Board to do something about parking issues. Some folks are not happy with the amount of street parking feeling it makes our neighborhood a bit of an obstacle course.  It is up to a neighbor who has a consistent long term problem with a neighbor’s parking to write a violation, which the Board then can act upon. The same is true of parking on the grass. Please remember, all reported violations are anonymous, even to the Board. We do not know who reports violations. The  first approved violation is a warning letter just asking for compliance and has no fine. If the violation is not resolved then monetary fines may begin. We’re all a little stressed, so please be patient with one another, but also be considerate. Please don’t make it difficult for a neighbor to get out of their driveway or park on their grass. If you absolutely have to park on the street short term, please don’t do it directly across from another car reducing the drive thru area to only the smallest cars and impassable for emergency vehicles. Most of these complaints were prior to the stay home directive and in line with neighborhood rules, but with more people home we need to be aware, compliant and patient.

Thank you for keeping things on a positive note as you post on the Fenwick Woods Facebook page. It’s always for the best, but at a time when folks are facing a lot of new challenges it is particularly important we continue to take care and support our friends and neighbors. Please stay safe and well.

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