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June 2020 Update

Hello neighbors!

Last year’s survey included requests to improve our neighborhood entrances. The HOA board is currently working on improving the entrance at Fishbone and Southwick. Unfortunately a large tree, that had sustained some damage, had to be removed due to it’s unhealthy and unsafe condition. There has been quite a bit of erosion in that area that will also be addressed with regrading, adding soil, planting new trees, and larger foundational under plantings. The current grass plantings are being moved to the nearby pond area.

We hope you are enjoying the new book nook at the mailboxes. It has been wonderful to see so many folks reaching out to neighbors with offers of help in recent months. Walking the sidewalks and ponds waving, chatting at a distance, and seeing new faces has helped many folks feel less isolated, me included. Please be considerate of all our neighbors as you drive slowly thru the neighborhood and in where you park your vehicle.

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